User experience and graphic design to communicate key information with impact.

Impactful and end-user embraced business intelligence (BI) capabilities often share a common characteristic: a user experience that increases insights and reduces friction. To achieve this, each end user persona must be understood across several dimensions: key business processes followed, key decisions required support by data, and BI tool and data savviness to name a few. The benefits of understanding and designing to these dimensions results in an anticipated and welcomed end user experience that allows the consumption of information and insights naturally.

  • Design Offerings

    User Experience Design
    Corporate Branding, Imagery & Templates
    Advanced Visualizations
    Story Telling
  • Design Benefits

    Promote Deeper BI Usage
    Identify Data Outliers Easily Thru Visualizations
    Consume Information Across a Range of Devices
    Promote Consistency and Unite Corporate Branding Across the BI User Experience

The Claraview Way” is a comprehensive, componentized methodology designed to ensure the successful completion of each step, while staying focused on the overall goal.