User experience and graphic design to communicate key information with impact.

Impactful and end-user embraced business intelligence (BI) capabilities often share a common characteristic: a user experience that increases insights and reduces friction. To achieve this, each end user persona must be understood across several dimensions: key business processes followed, key decisions required support by data, and BI tool and data savviness to name a few. The benefits of understanding and designing to these dimensions results in an anticipated and welcomed end user experience that allows the consumption of information and insights naturally.

  • Design Offerings

    User Experience Design
    Corporate Branding, Imagery & Templates
    Advanced Visualizations
    Story Telling
  • Design Benefits

    Promote Deeper BI Usage
    Identify Data Outliers Easily Thru Visualizations
    Consume Information Across a Range of Devices
    Promote Consistency and Unite Corporate Branding Across the BI User Experience

"Claraview has been invaluable. They've helped transform our dashboards with best practices and dashboard design concepts and set the standards for Catalina."

- Catalina Marketing