We encountered an issue when we tried to pass several prompt answers through parameterized links from one cube-based dashboard to another, but we were determined not to sacrifice the end user experience.

To prevent users from having visibility to data they should not see, create the Intelligent Cubes by database connection, which allows end-users to take full advantage of the in-memory performance of Intelligent Cubes.

If you've encountered an issue in trying to point an existing report to an intelligence cube in MicroStrategy and the option has been grayed out for you, even if the cube you created was based off

Ever tried to put the contents of a document into the body of an email using Distribution Services in MicroStrategy but it turned out looking nothing like your document?  Follow these steps to fix that! 

Two paths exist for migrating web customizations from previous versions to MicroStrategy 9.3, the path you use depends on how your system was customized.

Within MicroStrategy, you can execute certain commands to perform various administrative tasks. You can issue many commands from your "bin" directory to support tasks.