We provide government business intelligence that focuses on the mission at hand.

At Claraview, we specialize in developing and implementing government business intelligence solutions that allow agencies to equip their information workers with the insight necessary to successfully conduct government affairs. While BI and DW technology may be the same for organizations in the public and private sectors, government implementations often require specialized understanding of the goals and objectives of specific government programs, agencies and regulations, including:

  • Homeland Security

  • Education Analytics / Longitudinal Data Systems

  • Health Care Reform

  • BI/DW Strategic Roadmaps

  • Performance Management for Government

  • Data Quality & Governance

The Clarview Solution:

Claraview is dedicated to helping public sector organizations use government business intelligence solutions to achieve new levels of operational excellence and citizen service. Our consultants help agency clients rapidly create and execute information strategies that result in the deployment of dashboards, scorecards and other analytical applications used by a variety of information consumers — including staff, executives, other agencies and citizens.