Retail Business Intelligence solutions that create true competitive advantage.

For some time, Claraview has helped leading retailers utilize our retail business intelligence solutions to address their information analysis needs, and today, it has grown into a robust and complex discipline. What’s more, while other BI firms have helped retailers analyze past performance, today Claraview is helping retail leaders to generate comprehensive insights about their enterprise in real time, helping them plan more accurately and improve all aspects of their business.

  • Know your Market Segments

    Traffic & Conversion Trends
    Customer Segmentation
    Marketing & Promotions
    Customer Sentiment Analysis
    Sales & Category Performance
  • Understand your Operations

    Store Performance Management
    Gain valuable insight into supplier performance and uncover ways to reduce cost
    Avoid out-of-stock situations with inventory management alerts
    Manage inventory shrink with loss-prevention metrics
    Store Layout Optimization


"Claraview turned our vision into reality, transforming the way we do business - from the CEO to store management to customer specialist - with insight into information that helps us proactively manage our business while delivering a four-fold ROI."

- Best Buy

The Claraview Solution:

Claraview provides retail organizations with BI solutions that help them stay ahead of competition and achieve new levels of operational excellence. Our expertise in retail business intelligence enables our clients to gain insight into a broad range of subject areas.