Our financial business intelligence solutions are right on the money.

  • Risk Mitigation

    Complying with the latest legislation and control risk across the organization.
  • Customer Analytics

    Gain a comprehensive view of customers, develop and implement more effective strategies for cross-selling and customer retention.
  • Fraud Management

    Manage the constant threat of fraud by implementing BI solutions to measure the effectiveness of their fraud management systems.
  • Data Integration Strategies

    Design and leverage BI and data warehouse infrastructures that can not only meet today’s data challenges, but also quickly adapt to mergers, acquisitions and re-organizations
  • Campaign Performance Management

    Measure marketing campaigns through reporting tools and dashboards that provide relevant performance metrics.
  • Enterprise-level Reporting and Monitoring

    Institutionalize BI practices across the entire financial services organization, ensuring both adequate security and scalability.

The Claraview Solution

Companies in this sector have unique financial business intelligence (BI) needs — often starting with the fact that their vital financial, customer and operational data are maintained in a diversity of source systems. Claraview can develop and implement robust BI strategies and applications that will allow your organization to efficiently combine, store and analyze its key business data.